[ KR3 ] մѺ Mantis MU5 Jyro Karambit
մѺ Mantis MU5 Jyro Karambit մ
Blade Detail: Plain
Blade Length (inches): 1.75
Blade Material: M-vX High Speed Tool Steel
Carry System: Multi-Position Sheath
Handle Material: 420 Stainles Steel
Lock Style: Frame Lock
Overall Length (inches): 5.75
Special Features: Ball Bearing Sheath Release System

The Mantis MU-5 Jyro knife looks very interesting. Not having played with the MU-5 Jyro knife yet, let's start with the basics... the materials. The MU-5 Jyro knife blade material is Mantis Knives' own steel called M-VX steel. The steel is formulated with Vanadium which is said to provide toughness and hardness that surpasses other steels like D2 and 440C. MV-X is also said to resist corrosion and have great edge retention. The MU-5 Jyro knife is the first knife that Mantis has manufactured with their M-VX steel.

The handle of the MU-5 Jyro knife is made of 420 steel and features jimping in the handle dent and on the spine of the handle where the thumb rests. The handle is also skeletonized, making this a lightweight knife at only .30 lbs. The holster (sheath)... warrants a bit more discussion. Mantis designed the holster for the MU-5 Jyro knife with a ball bearing which apparently allows the MU-5 Jyro knife to pivot any direction when seated in the holster. The MU-5 Jyro knife releases from the holster with the touch of a button.
The blade on the MU-5 Jyro knife is small, only about 1 3/4 inches in length. The overall length of the knife, which includes the large circular piece in the middle is just under 6 inches in length. A relatively new knife at the time of this writing, the MU-5 Jyro knife is already a best seller.