[ KN36 ]մѺ Spyderco Phoenix չԤ
մѺ Spyderco Phoenix չԤ մӨҡ൹ VG-10 Եҡջ Ѻç൹ ʵԡ Micarta
մѺ͡Ẻ Howard Viele
кԴԴ͡ дǡµ͡ҹ ١׹ʻԧ Ǵѹ١׹͹ѧ 駡ͧմ͵ͧáҧմ
͡ҧմ 18.40 . / ;Ѻմ 11.6 . / մ 7.6 . / մ 6 . / ҧͧմ 2.8 . / Ѻ 12 . / ˹մ 0.3 . / ˹ҴѺ 1.5 .

Ҥ 10,500 ҷ 觴ǹEMS

Spyderco Phoenix by Howard Viele ~ C114

length overall 7 1/4" (184mm) blade length 3" (76mm) blade steel VG-10
length closed 4 9/16" (116mm) cutting edge 2 3/8" (60mm) weight 4.1oz (115g)
hole diameter 15/32" (12mm) blade thickness 1/8" (3mm) handle material Micarta

Wheres Howard? Highly regarded custom knifemakers dont disappear; they hibernate in their workshops and when they emerge they awe custom knife fans and buyers. Its been a while since Spyderco collaborated with knifemaker Howard Viele but his re-emergence will amaze.

The C114 Phoenix has Howard Viele stamped all over it with a pinch of Spyderco thrown in. His folder features Spydercos Ball Bearing Lock?. The ball bearing used in the lock sits on two springs that push it forward above the blades tang and locking the blade open. High-tech yet simple, the round bearing rotates, rolling in its housing never wearing at exactly the same spot. It self adjusts as the knife is repeatedly opened and closed, minimizing wear and tear.

In a world of custom knives, Vieles designs feel like youre looking at a friendly familiar face. You recognize the designer straight away, his knives are sleek and modern combining different steels and handle materials, coming off clean and fast looking- like they can fly.

Phoenix fits the look with a curvy titanium handle thats jacketed with a cream Micarta halfway up, covering from the lock to the handles edge. Two deep finger choils and ricasso flow from handle to blade.

Howards personal signature is a symbol on the blade representing the Japanese God of War. It lines up with the functioning Spyderco Trademark Round Hole also taking up residence on the hollow-ground, PlainEdge VG-10 blade. Right-hand tip up clip complete the package.